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Day 1 of my diet went awesome! I ate really healthy and I'm not even starving. I wish I had time to go to the gym today, but oh well. Other than that, all I did today was watch some desperate housewives and I went to work 3-6. Now I'm probably just gonna hang out with sean for a while! =]
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username help!

I have a rename token and all the ones I really wanted were taken of course. So I came up with some with my name in it. I used my name Danica, my nickname dani, my middle name marie, and my last initial "b" as "bee". Help me decide!


Which one do you like the best?
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entry #112

I just did a rather large friends cut!
At the moment I have 79 friends, and im friends of 123, which means theres a lot of people who need to remove me from their friends list. If you cant read my friends only entries, im sorry but I removed you. It's nothing personal. I removed you if: you got a new journal, you never update, i never read your entries, we never comment each other, we have nothing in common, ect. So if youre one of those people please take me off your of your friends list ASAP cause its annoying when I have to ban people to get them off my list.
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entry #38 FRIENDS CUT

Its about that time again. I had a little over 100 friends, and I knew that some of them had to be cut. Its a very small friends cut, I only deleted about 10 people. I might cut just a few more sometime later on. If you were cut it was for 1+ of these reasons: you dont update, you dont comment, i dont read your journal, we dont have a lot in common, or i dont didnt really feel any connection with you. Sorry, but no I wont add anyone back.

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entry #8

Do any of you lovely LJ friends make graphics? If so, comment here & tell me if your interested in being part of my new icons/graphics community. I just made it and currently, Im the only maker. Obviously, cause I just made it like 15 minutes ago. Im looking for a few good makers who like to make celebrity icons, or other graphics. If youre interested, please let me know, the community will be boring with only me as a maker! Thanks.

If youre interested in just JOINING the community, which I would appriciate, its partyicons. You can join now if you want to, or you can join once I actually have some graphic makers & members. If you join now, just be patient for everything to start running. Ive only made one post of 24 icons.
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